Fire Safe Construction
Cost Comparison Study

The objective of this study was to develop a construction cost model to accurately evaluate the relative construction cost of a multi-family building constructed using five different construction materials. The concept of multi-family would include traditional apartment type buildings, condominium style buildings, student housing, elderly housing, and others.

BALANCED DESIGN is a three-fold approach for fire safety using Active and Passive protection for occupants, contents and the structure of a building.

Fire Safe Construction Cost Comparison Study
Executive Summary Report - 2005

> Fire Safe Constructive Cost Comparison Study Executive Summary Report - 2005

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Additional Cost Study Cities 2005 - 2008

> Albany, New York
> Athens, Georgia
> Austin, Texas
> Birmingham, Alabama
> Bloomington, Illinois
> Charlotte, North Carolina
> Chicago, Illinois
> Cleveland, Ohio
> Columbia, South Carolina
> Columbus, Ohio
> Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
> Dayton, Ohio
> Framingham, Massachusetts
> Frederick, Maryland
> Gulfport, Mississippi
> Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
> Houston, Texas
> Indianapolis, Indiana
> Kansas City, Missouri
> Los Angeles, California
> Melville, New York
> Madison, Wisconsin
> Merrillville, Indiana
> Milwaukee, Wisconsin
> Minneapolis, Minnesota
> Norfolk, Virgina
> Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
> Phoenix, Arizona
> Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
> Raleigh, North Carolina
> Richmond, Virginia
> Roanoke, Virginia
> Rockford, Illinois
> Sacramento, California
> San Antonio, Texas
> Savannah, Georgia
> Salt Lake City, Utah
> Spokane, Washington
> St. George, Utah
> Towson, Maryland
> Washington, D.C.